Hey everybody! I’m Captain Drew. I am a born and raised local of Islamorada, and a second generation captain of the keys. My father was a backcountry guide here in Islamorada for 15 years and has instilled his love for fishing in me. Ever since being a toddler my father use to take me fishing. He taught me the fundamentals of knot tying, fly tying, throwing a cast net, and so many more things that have led me to pursue my passion of being a fishing guide that I look back on and am so thankful for now.

I started fishing on my own when I was 10 years old out of a 12 foot jon boat and would take my friends out for fun after school. My summers were spent in Florida Bay chasing any fish I could catch. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I had interest in fishing offshore, so on weekends I worked as a deckhand for several years up until my first summer back from college. After having so much first-hand knowledge on how the charter fishing business worked, I knew it was what I wanted to do.I found time in between school to take my captain's license course, and to research the many facets involved in running a safe, steady, and successful business.


My total 4 years at Florida State University were spent thinking about the next opportunity I would have to go fishing in the keys. So after receiving my Bachelors in English with a Business minor, I knew I had the tools to move back home and focus on what meant most to me; Fishing, and sharing my love for fishing with people across the globe. Since then, I have no regrets on the decision I’ve made to come back to Islamorada because every day I love being out on the water with the great people I have been so blessed to share my home with.  Charter a day with me and Fishy Business Charters.

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