Capt. Rich Mitchell

A fisherman since the age of two, Captain Rich Mitchell received a degree in marine biology and worked in the seafood industry in Pennsylvania.

He has been guiding anglers to fabulous fishing memories in Islamorada for over twenty years. His knowledge and passion for the natural environment in the Keys makes a trip with him a learning experience as well as an adventure.

Marvel at wadding birds and dolphins in their natural Everglades habitat while fishing for Snook and Redfish from a shallow water skiff. Enjoy stories of Flagler's railroad and the Keys pioneers as you await the strike of a hungry Tarpon. Take in the magical diversity of life on the flats while stalking the elusive Bonefish in the gin clear waters of Florida Bay.

A trip with Captain Rich will give you a new appreciation for the multitude of fish species of the Keys and their beautiful home.

Be Prepared!

"When heading into the South Florida backcountry be sure to have the correct tackle to handle whatever you encounter and expect the unexpected. I like to have a ten pound test spinning rod or an eight weight fly rod for most of the target species like Redfish, Bonefish, and Snook. A fifteen pound test spin outfit or ten weight fly rod for Permit and medium size Tarpon is good. You should also have a heavier, twenty pound test set up or eleven or twelve weight fly rod just in case a monster shows up.

Catching trout and getting tormented by an eighty pound Lemon Shark? Break out the heavy rod and catch him. You'll have a blast and then he'll leave you alone. Scanning the horizon for rolling Tarpon to throw the fly at when you spot a Bonefish tail on the edge of a flat? Grab the eight weight and seize the opportunity or watch him swim off into the sunset.

The Keys can offer the fish of a lifetime when you least expect it. Make sure your fish story has a happy ending!"

— Capt. Rich Mitchell

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